An online training offer to learn French and better understand the values as well as functioning of French society

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Digital tools for French Language learning

MOOC[1] “Living in France”

Available free of charge on the France Université Numérique (FUN) platform, ranging from level A1 to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For direct access to the MOOCs "Living in France":

Mooc: “Massive Open Online Course”

“Living in France” application

  • To help complete beginners in French.
  • To learn how to deal with everyday situations with role plays, a dictionary of the most useful words, challenges and rewards.
  • 10 hours of training.

Download the "Living in France" application on google-play:

“Happy FLE” application

  • To learn the basics of French through everyday situations: identifying means of transport, reading a map, understanding a medical prescription, greeting, shopping, understanding administrative documents, etc.
  • 120 exercises and 100 words to discover divided into five themes: transport, environment, health, shopping, housing.

Download the "Happy FLE" application on google-play :

“French first steps” application

  • For complete beginners.
  • To learn the French language in a fun way by combining images and sounds.

This free application offers basic oral communication in 8 everyday situations:

  • greeting and introducing yourself
  • asking for directions
  • using public transport
  • check in at the hotel
  • ordering in a restaurant
  • shopping in a grocery shop
  • shopping in a clothing shop
  • talking about hobbies and asking for information.

A visual dictionary allows you to enrich your vocabulary and practice with 3 types of randomly generated exercises: identifying a picture, identifying a sound and writing.

Download the "French first steps" application on google-play :

and App store:

Online tools for understanding the first procedures to be followed in France, and to access employment

MOOC entitled “Working in France”

  • For foreigners who already have an A2 level of French.
  • To learn French for professional purposes.
  • This training provides the linguistic keys and social codes of the professional world (job search, job interviews, life in company), and is based on the vocabulary of five professional sectors: personal and business services, construction, health, IT, hotel industry, and catering.

For direct access to the MOOC “Working in France”:

MOOC “Living and accessing employment in France”

  • For anyone who wish to live in France, or has just moved there, and wants to know more about the organisation and functioning of our country.
  • Anna and Rayan present the first steps to take when settling in (how to open a bank account, how to enrol your child in school, ...), the various public services and their usefulness, as well as practical guidelines for living in France (how to get around, what steps to take to find a job, …).
  • 3 hours in sequences of a few minutes to see and review at your own pace and according to your needs.

It is freely accessible, free and available all year round in French on the Fun platform:

Online tools on the Republic’s codes and values

  • To train and inform newly arrived foreigners on the principles and values of the French Republic.
  • Free training course to understand the Republic and its values.
  • With 50 videos subtitled in French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Tamil, Farsi and Pashto, and series of exercises to improve your French.

In permanent access and open to all, you can access it by clicking on the following link:

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